A jacket for every occasion

Choosing an appropriate event jacket depends on the type of event, the season, and your personal style. Here are some options and tips for different occasions:

Outdoor Events; Functionality and style must go hand in hand. Ideal for events in unpredictable weather. Look for one that is waterproof and with good insulation. The Buccino jackets in Cromdaltex fabric are perfect for adverse weather with their waterproof and breathable fabric that protects from rain and wind without losing elegance and comfort.

Casual Events; Jackets in technical fabrics and cotton are perfect for a casual but stylish look. You can choose a navy blue jacket or try bright colors like red and green or calmer colors like tan.

Formal Events; An elegant Amara Buccino jacket or a blazer can be an excellent option. This type of jacket adds a touch of sophistication and is ideal to combine with dress pants.

General Tips

  • Comfort : Make sure the jacket fits you well and you feel comfortable wearing it throughout the event.
  • Material : Consider the material depending on the season and climate. Amara and Cromdaltex are good for cooler climates, while cotton is more suitable for warmer climates .

Examples of Combinations

  • Amara jacket + beige pants + loafers : Ideal for a formal event or a family celebration.
  • Technical fabric jacket + white shirt + classic pants: Perfect for a casual but elegant event.
  • Cotton jacket + basic t-shirt + sneakers : A casual and comfortable look for a daytime event.

Choosing the right jacket can make a difference in your outfit, making you feel confident and stylish at any event.